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Verifone CR600 Check Reader

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The VeriFone® CR 600 check reader combines full programmability, remote downloading, self-diagnostics and universal connectivity in one unit. This leads to improved productivity and reduces check fraud at the point of sale. Designed for the retail environment, the fast check-reading capability of the CR 600 makes a check-based payment as convenient as a credit card sale. Its horseshoe design allows the CR 600 to capture MICR data at high read rates. It can even read folded or crumpled checks. Plus, it’s more reliable and accurate than readers with a straight-line transport, increasing customer throughput and user satisfaction. The horseshoe shape saves countertop space. And it’s available with a special base that integrates with VeriFone terminals. The formats for data output to the host are fully user-definable and can be tailored to fit the requirements of whichever check verification or guarantee services you use, now and in the future. What’s more, the CR 600 can be configured through remote downloads when connected to high-function VeriFone terminals or electronic cash registers (ECRs) or locally, through specially formatted checks. The Verifone CR 600 is an all around great choice as a check reader for today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.