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The new Hypercom® S9 ensures security by letting customers always keep their credit or debit cards. Cardholders simply pick up the ergonomic S9 hand-over unit, swipe their card and enter a PIN, if needed. No need for cashier assistance. It’s Easy-to-read user interface has an illuminated display and oversized, colored OK and CANCEL keys. The Hypercom model S9 is a PIN pad/terminal reading both smart and magnetic stripe cards. The smart card reader accepts 3V and 5V cards or economic 3V-only cards. The S9 features Hypercom plug-and-play software and replaces all Hypercom PIN pads including the S1, S7 and S8 families. As a PIN pad, the S9 is fully compatible with all Hypercom terminals from the T7 series through the ICE family. It is certified by Infogard PED and 3DES and EMV4.0 Type approved.

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