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Don’t be fooled by merchant services companies who advertise extremely low rates on their website. They are hoping you will focus solely on that number when making a decision to sign up for their services.

 While getting a low and fair rate is important, there are many other factors that inflate the overall price that you will be paying for your merchant services. Hidden costs can include: setup fees, application fees, unnecessarily high equipment costs, annual fees, early termination fees, early cancellation fees and many others. National Bankcard takes pride in offering our customers transparency in all of our fees, rates and costs associated with payment processing solutions. We believe an open and honest relationship is the cornerstone to every client relationship.

If you are already processing with another company, or if you're just getting started and are comparing quotes from multiple venders, fax us your most recent merchant statement or the schedule of fees on a competitor's merchant account application. We will email you a free and honest penny-by-penny breakdown detailing how much you will save with National Bankcards services. We will point out any hidden fees in the fine print that you may have missed. Remember, there is no cost to have a merchant account cost analysis prepared for your business, and there is no obligation to sign up with our services after an analysis is prepared and emailed to you. Let one of our highly trained customer service representatives educate you on all of your options and guide you in making the right decision for you and your business. Let National Bankcard provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision possible.

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