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National Bankcard's Gift Card program is easy to setup 

Gift Cards were once exclusive to large chains and department stores but are now available to businesses of all types and sizes. Whether your business is established or brand new, gift cards are effective way to encourage brand loyalty and receive money in advance for gifts that will be purchased in the future. Let National Bankcard help you start your Gift Card program today.

Gift Card program benefits for your business:

Gift Card and Loyalty Solutions

NPC gift and loyalty programs replace paper gift certificates with the look and feel of a major credit card.  Each card is cashier activated with a unique, electronically encoded account number stored on the magnetic stripe.  Visits can be tracked and the amount spent can be deducted each time the cardholder makes a purchase.  National Bankcard offers you a turnkey gift card system similar to the big retailers without having to give cash back to your customers.  Any unused balance remains on the card for additional purchases.

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase store traffic
  • Eliminate costly backroom accounting
  • Standard reports provide transaction detail
  • System and reporting can be customized for your specific business needs
  • Eliminate fraud typical with paper gift certificate programs

Ask how National Bankcard's processor NPC payment processing services can drive sales and increase customer satisfaction for your business.

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