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With the expenses of operating a business, purchasing equipment may not be financially feasible at times.  As a result, National Bankcard Corp offers a leasing option for equipment.  We want to assist you in setting up your business to accept payments so that you can increase your revenues.  Leasing involves paying monthly installments with an option to own your equipment at the end of the lease period.

National Bankcard Corp offers both equipment purchase and leasing options to meet your needs.  Leasing packages are available with terms from one to four years and monthly rates based on your credit score.  New terminals often come standard with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Although lifetime costs can often be more than double the upfront purchase costs, leases often benefit businesses in terms of cash flow and tax write offs.  For example:

Cash flow: As with many large item purchase decisions, if you do not have the funds available upfront without causing yourself a financial burden, you should consider your leasing options.

Tax write-off: Often, lease payments can be considered 100% deductible from taxable income, whereas with purchases, you may only deduct the depreciated value, which is often less than the lease deduction value.  Please talk with your accountant on specific calculations based upon your situation.

If you are interested in leasing equipment, contact National Bankcard today.  Our sales representatives can provide you with the details regarding the appropriate equipment, software, or web-based solutions that best suit your business needs.

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